New York

In 2015, our first direct investment opportunity appeared in the Real Estate market in New York. At first, we thought of replicating our successful Brazilian model: investing in exceptionally well-located commercial spaces. Stores in high-traffic locations like Times Square seemed perfect—the virtually certain replacement security of tenants in unique locations.

However, after studying the city's market and the risks and peculiarities of American retail, we decided to look for another focus. We established relationships with more than 100 local developers and immersed ourselves in the local market until we found our path: the purchase of already occupied residential buildings with an opportunity for appreciation through rental revenue growth.

In just over 3 years working in NY, we have

14 ventures

There are two developments and twelve buildings. Our focus is on investing in finished buildings, which have been leased for some time, where opportunities through negotiations, agreements and renovations would add value to the monthly rental income and to the development as a whole, preparing it for a future sale.

"TGB invests in ready-made buildings, always with the aim of adding value to the monthly rental income, and to the development as a whole."

Rogerio Chor

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Brooklyn Portfolio

Brooklyn Heights, Brooklyn

Astoria Portfolio

Astoria, Queens

Willoughby Street

Downtown, Brooklyn